Commodore 64 GS

The Commodore 64 Games System or C64GS is a cartridge game console based on the Commodore 64 and released by Commodore in December 1990.

The supplied cartridge contained four games:

Fiendish Freddy's Big Top O'Fun
International Soccer
Flimbo's Quest
The C64GS was only released for the European market and became a commercial flop.

The C64GS was not the first game system based on the C64 hardware made by Commodore. Unlike the MAX Machine (released in 1982, a game-oriented computer based on a very slimmed-down version of the same hardware family), the C64GS was very similar internally to the "good" C64 it was compatible with.

Catalog type
Game Console
Release Date
March 1990
Mos technologiy 6510 @ 1.023 Mhz
64 KB

Museum Collection

Set up in the 90s area.
Collection Serial code Owner
Commodore 64 GS DA4005042E Stefan Mansier