Jumbo Computer Electro 1001

Jumbo Games is a Dutch games manufacturer, which started producing games just after the Second World War.

Electro the question-and-answer game came on the market around 1953.
The game was introduced as an intelligence game for young and old. Electro - if the lamp lights up, the answer is correct.

The Junior version of Electro was suitable for ages from 3 years to 6 years. The Multi Electro games are suitable from 7 years onward.

Each basic package has 5 question-and-answer sheets in it.
For the first 30 years, the first sheet was glued to the board, so you had a maximum of 216 questions.
Later Electro received 5 loose sheets and this gave you 24 extra questions in the basic version.
The sheets are printed on both sides, and each sheet side has its own theme.

The Jumbo Computer Electro 1001 is a version of Electro on a computer, the 1001 indicates how many questions and answers this version has.
The only and last successor to the Computer Electro was the Computer Family quiz, which you could play with multiple players.

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Handheld Game Console
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