PowerBook 520

The Apple Macintosh PowerBook 520 features a 25 MHz 68LC040 processor, 4 MB or 12 MB of RAM, and a 160 MB or 240 MB hard drive in a sleek portable case with a 9.5" grayscale passive-matrix display.

The PowerBook 500 series introduced the "trackpad" -- where the cursor followed the movement of your finger on a "pad" rather than a plastic ball. The trackpad was a revolutionary input device and has been used since in the vast majority of modern notebooks. The PowerBook 500 series also introduced dual swappable "bays" that could be used to hold either one battery and a PCMCIA adapter or dual batteries to extend runtime.

Catalog type
Portable computer
Release Date
May 1994
Motorola 68LC040 @ 25 MHz
4MB / 12MB RAM
Operation System
MacOS 7.1.1