Apple eMate 300

The eMate 300 is a personal digital assistant designed by Apple Computer.

The eMate 300 was sold to the education market as a low-cost laptop running the Newton operating system. It was the only Newton Device with a built-in keyboard. The eMate was introduced on March 7, 1997 for US$799 and was discontinued along with the Apple Newton product line and its operating system on February 27, 1998.

The eMate 300 featured a 6.8" 480x320 resolution 16-shade grayscale display with a backlight, stylus pen, keyboard, infrared port, and standard Macintosh serial/LocalTalk ports.

The keyboard was roughly 85% the size of a standard "full size" keyboard.

Power came from built-in rechargeable batteries, which lasted up to 28 hours on full charge. In order to achieve its low price, the eMate 300 did not have all the features of the contemporary Newton equivalent, the MessagePad 2000. The eMate used a 25 MHz ARM 710a RISC processor and had less memory than the MessagePad 2000 which used a StrongARM 110 RISC processor and was more expandable.

Catalog type
Portable computer
Release Date
March 1997
ARM 710a RISC @ 25 MHz
3 MB
2 MB
Operation System
Newton OS

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