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RiscPC 600

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Te Risc PC (Personal computer for RISC OS) is the successor of the Archimedes line from Acorn Computers Ltd and is the professional brother of the A7000. The first model, Risc PC 600, was introduced in 1994 and up to 2003 being produced.

The Risc PC using the energysaving ARM RISC CPU, used nowadays in nearly all smart-devices like phones and tvs.

Expansions can be added by adding slices on top. There's also an option to expand/add a CPU. Our machine has a StrongARM running at 233MHz and a 486DX4 running at 100MHz so this machine is capable of running Windows 95 inside the ROM- or disk-booted RiscOS 3.7.


Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
April 1994
ARMv6 @ 33 MHz
StrongARM @ 233 MHz
Texas Instruments 486DX4 @ 100 MHz
Operation System
RiscOS 3.7

Museum Collection

Set up interactively in our 90s space
Collection Serial code Owner
RiscPC 600 72-ACB15-1011614 Not published