Acorn System 1

The Acorn Minicomputer, later renamed to Acorn System 1, was a microcomputer that was introduced in march of 1979.

The computer was aimed to be used in laboratories, but because of the (low) price the Acorn System 1 was fairly popular with hobbyists as well.

In 1980, Acorn continued to develop the Acorn System 2,
which had the processor on a Eurocard printed circuit board and a cassette interface.
The Acorn System 3 replaced the cassette interface with a floppy drive in 1982 and had additional RAM and ROM memory.
The Acorn System 4 was released that same year with more memory and 2 floppy drives.
The Acorn System 5 was the last of the series and was released in 1983.
It also had 2 floppy drives and the cabinet had room for 7 or 10 Eurocards.

All Acorn System systems could be linked with an external keyboard, the same housing used for the Acorn Atom.

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March 1979

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Set up in the 70s area.