Hegener & Glaser Mephisto Exclusive

The Exclusive chess board was produced from 1983 and expired around 2005/2006. It is a wooden board with wooden figures and three (initially even four module shafts). All modules of the modular system can run in the exclusive housing. In the course of streamlining the production process, the manufacture of the board was moved to China in 1996. The Modular and Munich enclosures are no longer produced, but some of them are still in stock. With old boards, there are occasionally minor problems when operating newer modules, which can, however, be remedied by simply retrofitting the power supply.

Early versions of the exclusive board also allowed battery or battery operation. With these models, the module holder could be moved backwards. The recording for 5 batteries or rechargeable batteries (size "baby") was released. Furthermore, the 4th module slot became accessible, for which the only extension was the opening module HG 170 suitable for the MM I module.

The later versions no longer had an accessible battery compartment or 4th module slot.

A 9V / 300 mA power supply is required. Plus is inside.

An S variant of the Exclusive was introduced with the first 68000 modules (Mephisto III-S Glasgow and others). These boards have no internal voltage regulation and must be operated with suitable power supplies (exactly 5 V, e.g. HGN 5004).

januari 1992

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