Vendex Headstart Explorer


The trademark "HeadStart Explorer" has been registered in 1989 and the computer has been released shortly after. It was probably designed by "CADAC" as this name is present on mainboard's copper while "Explorer" is in silkscreen. The computer was designed as a small home computer with limited expandability by the cost of making the system smaller and all-in-one. The central processing unit contains a keyboard on hinges, 3.5" floppy disk drive and in some versions a 40MB hard disk named "AutoMagic". Display chip can show graphics in CGA or Hercules-compatible modes. Full versions included a proprietary mouse, monitor and a special monitor stand to easily put the computer inside forming a comfortable workstation. But the most characteristic part was the operating environment - 384kB of ROM contained MS-DOS version 3.31 and Explorer GUI which allows to work in PIM programs, database and text editor using mouse. The GUI is shown using CGA mode and allows to launch DOS programs too.
The computer was produced in Korea while sold in USA and Nederlands. I have information that some units have been bought in Poland too. Some other units of the same "EX-938CP" model had no hard disk. In USA some units have been sold under Magnavox brand.

Desktop computer
8088 @ 4.77 , 9.54
DOS 3.1

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