Repair Service

The HomeComputerMuseum is an interactive museum. This also means that computers are powered on during our openingshours and sometimes, they won't start anymore. At the museum we have all knowledge to get these machines, old or new, back working. Through our Repair Service we also provide this knowledge and repair service to consumers, for any old or new computer.

We repair, we don't just replace !

We have a specialized repair center. We use oscilloscopes, logic analyzer and multi-meters so we can find the problem on the lowest level and fix it. We are proud to have this knowledge for both old and modern computers. We are not a regular shop, so you can be a 100% sure that we won't sell you a new computer just because we need to clear our stock. We will give you a honest advice in what to do and we will take care of it.

Some of the things we do:

  • Recap Commodore Amiga
  • Replacing capacitors and batteries.
  • Restoring broken traces.
  • Recover harddisks to read data.
  • Power supply replacement or fixing.
  • Reinstallation any operating system.
  • Change HDD to SSD with preservation of data.
  • Refurbish old computers so they can be safely used on the Internet.
  • Replacing broken ICs (example: replacing PLA on Commodore 64)
  • Improving cooling (Commodore 64 heatsinks).

We strive for a quick and reliable solution. In some cases, we can even offer you a temporary or permanent alternative.

We charge €25 is we can fix it within 30 minutes (you can wait for that), else we charge €45 an hour. No Cure No Pay.

Do you have a question or a broken machine? Contact us!