The HomeComputerMuseum Foundation is a non-profit organization with the aim of preserving, documenting, repairing and interactively presenting the history of the (home) computer in the broadest sense, involving as many people as possible at a distance from the labor market in all processes so that it be able to eventually move on to paid employment at a social and technical level.

The museum opened on March 17, 2018 at a 500m2 location in the center of Helmond, part of the Brainport and centrally located in the Benelux. In addition to the museum's museological and social function, we also offer a local repair service for private individuals, sell refurbished computers for a low price and rent out old computers.

The museum is also the initiator of the European Computer Museum Association, whereby a European network of computer museums has an agreement for collaboration through knowledge sharing and the exchange of (duplicate) items.

Financial resources will be exclusively distributed among the following items:

  • Museum operation.
  • Purchase materials to promote the museum.
  • Purchase materials to repair classic computers.
  • Museum overall improvements.

All sponsors will be listed on our "Wall of Fame" that is to be realized and will be named on the website (if desired). In addition, it is made clear where the resources are spent by means of a digital message. The HomeComputerMuseum has a cultural ANBl status, so a donation has tax benefits.