Sharp MZ‑700

The MZ-700 ran on a Z80A processor with 3.5 MHz clock speed and had 64K internal memory as standard. It was striking that no operating system was 'built in' in the ROM, the MZ-700 could be loaded with an operating system of your choice: the own operating system, that of the Sharp MZ80K or CP / M. The computer also did not have a 'built-in' BASIC interpreter. This had the advantage of leaving enough space in the memory to load an interpreter or compiler for another programming language. The disadvantage was that the BASIC interpreter was not immediately available to the user and had to be loaded from tape first, which took several minutes.

The computer, like most home computers of that time, could be connected to a TV, but it also had a connection for a computer monitor. There were also connection ports for printer, cassette recorder and joystick.

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
November 1982
Z80A @ 3,579MHz
Operation System
CP/M of Basic

Museum Collection

Collection Serial code Owner
Sharp MZ-700 45001816 Not published