Altos 886

The Altos 886 represents a new standard in microprocessor power and design.

This 8 user system contains features usually found only in larger minicomputer configurations.

Packaged in a convenient desktop enclosure, the Altos886 boast sample disk storage, tapebackup, and supports a wide range of XENIJr' based applications software.
The Altos 886 uses the 80286 microprocessor, running at 7.5 megahertz, to insure excellent user response. Each system comes with one megabyte of RAM, expandable to three megabytes. To further improve response, a dedicated Z80B microprocessor is designated to support eight I/O ports.

The 886 also contains a third microprocessor, an 80188 with its own memory, to provide the Altos Worknet II® (LocalAreaNetwork) interface and an additional serial port for asynchronous usage

Catalog type
Desktop computer
Release Date
Intel 80286 @ 7.5 Mhz
Operation System
Xenix 3.0

Museum Collection

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Altos 886 1222456 Not published