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Olivetti Unix PC 3B1

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In 1985, AT&T Information Systems introduced a product destined to set a new standard for business computers - the AT&T UNIX PC Model 7300, designed and built by Convergent Technologies.

What placed this PC so far out in front? Extraordinary power, exceptional ease of use, unsurpassed communications capabilities, and maximum flexibility.

No other PC offered so much at once. No other PC offered this kind of performance combination.

UNIX Systems V is the key to the power of the AT&T UNIX PC. It allows you to process more data faster.

Its super power lets you take advantage of the multi-tasking talents of UNIX System V. You can perform a number of tasks simultaneously on as many as 12 active windows.

And even a novice can learn to use the AT&T UNIX PC in a matter of hours, thanks to features such as a simplified keyboard, a three button mouse, and help functions.

Desktop computer
MC68010 @ 10 MHz

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